WELLS Hot Rod™ is introducing to the North American market their high performance paraffin removal tool

WELLS Hot Rod™ heats up to over 300° Fahrenheit and melts the accumulated paraffin as it is lowered into the tubing. Paraffin removal with the WELLS Hot Rod™ usually takes 1 ½ -3 hours as compared to 1-3 days for other methods. Even if the tubing is totally blocked and not flowing, WELLS Hot Rod™ still works and will remove the paraffin.

Operators will start using the WELLS Hot Rod™ because it is faster, cleaner and less expensive than other methods of paraffin removal when the cost of less well down time is factored in.

E-line companies that have the WELLS Hot Rod™ will not only be able to generate a new revenue stream, but also have a real competitive advantage over other e-line companies in their core business as operators begin to realize the benefits of using our tool.

It is simple, quick, clean and effective.